Who are we?

XU Esports is a full-service Esports agency developing careers for exceptional talent We are the top destination for the most exciting, creative, and diverse Esports talent. Built on trust and transparency, We are committed to putting the creation of new and valuable IP for our clients at the centre of our offering to ensure their freedom and creative protection. As the landscape continues to evolve at such a rapid pace, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible while making sure the personal care for our clients is at the forefront of all of our endeavours. We work as a close-knit family with our clients to develop and innovate their careers, brands & businesses across all verticals. Together we take strategic risks to create exciting opportunities and elevate careers to new levels. We are forward-thinking, creative and passionate advocates for our clients.

The Team 04

Founder & Head of Talent

Aaron Bonsell

Managing Director

Alex Segal

Head Of Gaming & Senior Talent Manager

Toby Dobson

Casting & Onscreen Talent Manager

Ethan Lloyd

Director Of Finance

Nish Mistry

BUILDING long term futures for EXCEPTIONAL talent