XU q2 round up

Just like the first quarter, we are back with another round-up of all the things our clients have been up to and updates of what we as a company have been up to. As per the first report we did, we have broken it down into 3 key sections. We have also invited Aaron Bonsell our Founder to make a comment each quarter about the state of the company. 

‘This quarter has been relatively successful, we’ve managed to add some outstanding talent to our rooster and provided opportunities across the board. We’ve started to lay our foundation’s within the industry, when we first launched on the back of a successful run under InterTalent there were a lot of questions surrounding our authenticity and our intentions. However, I think we are proving we are here to help make a difference in the Esports space and here for the long run. In this ever-changing market, we have been busy laying the foundations of our project to secure long-term sustainability not just for us but also for our clients’ 

Aaron also added ‘We have so much more on the horizon that will show are intentions and understanding of the space. I am beyond excited for the industry to see what we plan to do. Trust the process’  


  • Phill Moxley – Joined at the end of the last quarter and has been a delight to work with.
  • JAFF – Twitch partner, Warzone competitor and content creator. Most infectious laugh on twitch
  • Orion – joined us in this quarter and comes with years of experience within the content creation game. Orion’s ability to integrate brand activation’s into his content is top tier, making him a true asset to any brand 
  • Merl – is an English Fortnite commentary YouTuber and streamer. He created his channel on July 5, 2016.  On his Twitch channel, he likes to do customs with VIEWERS among the users. But he doesn’t do any work everything corard does.
  • Razer gifted our creators  with their presents this quarter and hooked up Jaff, Orion & InterTalent Client Nicola Adams with care packages ranging from keyboards to backbags.
  • Angelika has once again been super busy working on cool activations and opportunities with JBL promoting the amazing headset. She also competed in Pizza Hut Gaming’s spicy showdown bringing her viewers a change from Warzone to the wonderful world of Fortnite. Angelika also finished up her partnership with the cod world league. 
  • Orion jumped straight into working with some top brands. JBL came knocking for the join activation of Diablo, it is safe to say he smashed the activation and his viewers loved it 
  • When Merl joined us there was a mutual understanding that we wanted to push the boundaries and put him into situations he hasn’t been in before. Pizza hut held the spicy showdown, Merl was over the moon to be invited to this and smashed the event, competing against pro players in a 6-round gun game, Merl managed to Finnish second securing £1000 in prize money. 
  • Vearless continued her work with the impact league smashing out the casting and becoming a very popular figure with the viewership. As we speak Vearless is currently in Valencia for the final’s.   
  • Phil expanded his portfolio into Apex working on The Atlanta Premiere Apex Invitational, powered by Hyperluxe Gaming showing once again what an all-around caster he can be. 
  • In the last report. We mentioned that we are looking to expand and follow in the footsteps of some of the largest Esports organisations while creating content. Unfortunately, we didn’t hit our target of making unique content by the end of this quarter, this was due to time and not having the recourses or time to commit to making it the best we can. To fix this we enlisted the help of Projekt Gap. PKG will be coming on board and taking control of all of our content strategies across the board and working with our clients to create cool unique content.
  • Talking about content, one thing we wanted to achieve is making our content more accessible and enjoyable across all socials to give our creators a spotlight on platforms they might not be on. In doing this we expanded to now be available on every single social media platform posting different types of content to highlight the cool things our clients are involved in.  
  • Finally, a thought on the recent drama surrounding GFuel. A lot of our clients had partnerships and we were working on developing these to make them more beneficial for both client and partner. We have had multiple positive conversations with the leadership team over at Gfuel. However, we stand with our clients and support them on every decision they make, we will never force our clients to work with a partner or company they don’t personally agree with we will work hard to make sure they and their brand are looked after. 
We are always looking to expand our Talent list to spread across as many vertices of Esports as possible. We have had an influx of emails hitting our inbox of new talent looking for representation, as of today we have opened up a new mailbox to house these requests. If you are a content creator, Caster, or Pro Player and you wish to have a chat with us to explore management opportunities please content info@xuesports.gg, we promise to read through all emails and reply as soon as possible

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