XU quarter round up

At the end of Every quarter, we wanted to give an insight into what we as a company have been up to. Whether it’s the new amazing talent we have signed or what our current Rooster has been up to and general business updates we have you covered! 
We have split this round-up into three sections New Talent, Highlights and campaigns and Business updates. All three will be reoccurring each roundup and allow us to keep you all updated with the lovely things we do here and what we have planned for the future 


Let’s start off with all the new amazing Talent we have signed throughout our first official month of trading. 
ImAngelkiaa – Angel transferred over from InterTalent when we rebranded, best known for being a part of the CDL team London Royal Raven and her impressive skill’s on Warzone. From this, she has built up a following across all socials ….. 
Vapulear – The Scottish Goat of warzone. He joins us with an impressive win rate and earnings throughout his time on warzone. His slick gun skill and impressive aim make him an all-around player. 
OuiMimii – YouTube star known for her 1v1 skills. She has a relatively close bond with the FaZe players and has been featured on their YouTube channel as a 1v1 player. She also streams on Twitch under the username ouimimi.
Brittney Raines – Finishing off our Warzone trio is Brittney. Everyone who watches Britt will know what an amazing female Warzone streamer she is. Never fails to make her followers smile and put up impressive gameplay. She is known as one of the pioneers in the female Warzone community. 
Emmzy – Emz is no stranger to the Call Of Duty community, having built up an impressive follower base and joining Cloud 9 back in 2019, Emz has gone from strength to strength and becoming a household name in the COD Scene 
UpMind! – The guy with the best ginger afro Team XU has ever seen, VCT caster joins us with a whole load of attributes. Not just known for his casting UpMind! is also well known for his Twitch streams he is just an all-round one of kind sort of guy 
Paulsible – Paul joins us with knowledge from multiple angels of casting in multiple titles which made him such an exciting prospect for us to work with. There are a lot of things Paulsible could do this year and we are so pleased to be a part of his journey. 
Vearless – One of the most dedicated and inspirational female casters we have ever met. Vearless shares the same passion we do, changing and giving more opportunities to the female community. She has already shown how talented she is with her recent appearance in the all women’s CSGO league and we are excited to see her grow and show some of the gaming changing things she has planned. 
  • Angelkiaa has had a very busy start to the year working with the likes of Domino’s, EE and Activision. In January, she partnered with Domino’s to promote their new vegan pizza ‘PepperoNAY’. She then moved on to work with Activision in partnership with the CDL to promote the Instagram filters they have released for this year’s season. Towards the end of the quarter, Angel took a huge step and partnered with EE for their ultimate gamer Stream where she compete against Ollie Ball, Wolfiez & Comedian Munya. This gave Angel a new avenue to her partnership and was great exposure for her! 
  • In the middle of this month, we were contacted by the CDL to see if Emmzy wanted to become a CDL ambassador and help promote the Majors. With Emz’s long history in the Call of Duty scene, this was a great opportunity to get her more engraved into the scene and collaborate across the CDL’s social channels 
  • We can’t take all the credit for Vearless getting the spot on the CSGO all women’s CSGO league but we still wanted to highlight this and give it the spotlight it deserves. When we first spoke with Vearless one of her main goals was to get a spot casting this league and we couldn’t be happier to see this happen and to fulfil one of her goals 
  • After UpMind impressive performance on the VCT, Gus was approached to work with Disguised Toast to cast over his 2v5 Noob vs Pro Tournament which featured Valkyrae, Kkatamina, kyedae & Sykkuno competing against Pro players s0mcs and TenZOfficial
  • Brittney has  hit the ground running with us here at XU, We have already secured her a partnership with Scuff Gaming and gamer advantage. She also featured all a nice video series eFuse produced where she answered trivia questions against OpTic Holly. 
We understand that one of the fundamentals that makes Esports what it is, is the unique way teams have been able to create engaging content that has helped the scene grow. It’s how the likes of OpTic Gaming & 100 Thieves have made this one of their backbones to grow. With this being said we would like to share with you all today that from next quarter XU Esports will be integrating this into our growth strategy and realising video and sound content across all of our platforms. We have a ton of content ideas planned ranging from an Esports focused business podcast to short-form content with our talent. We will also continue to post Tips for Tuesday weekly as a way for us to help support the community and help develop the next generation of Esports talent. We have a whole load of cool things we are looking to activate across Q2 & Q3 which will give our talent the platform to showcase their talents and also give back to the Esports community. 
We are always looking to expand our Talent list to spread across as many vertices of Esports as possible. We have had an influx of emails hitting our inbox of new talent looking for representation, as of today we have opened up a new mailbox to house these requests. If you are a content creator, Caster, Pro Player and you wish to have a chat with us to explore management opportunities please content new@xuesports.gg, we promise to read through all emails and reply as soon as possible

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